Jimmy & Gene = FUN!!!

Acoustic/Electric  music Duo

Jimmy & Gene have been one of the Jersey Shore's favorite music duos for nearly 10 years.  Down to Earth, honest, hardworking, super nice guys.  They have a very keen understanding of all things to consider when hiring entertainment.   

  • Are they a good fit for our Restaurant, Summer Town Concert, Social Club?  - YES
  • Would they perform at our Grand Store Opening, Backyard Graduation Party or Benefit?  - YES
  • Do they only play Yacht Rock, Motown & Wagon Wheel?  - NO
  • What about new music? What about Country?? What about Irish music???  - YES YES & YES
  • Would they play Free Bird or Watermelon Sugar if requested? Hmmmmmmm

Whatever your questions or concerns may be, these are the guys to talk to. 

Call/text (908) 839-5787 or simply click here

  J&G have an extensive catalog of tunes to please almost everyone's needs.  The duo are known for their excellent singing, storytelling, harmonies & taking requests.  A very cool, hip style that surely separates them from the rest. 

Jimmy sings & plays acoustic/electric guitars, mandolin & harmonica. He also adds guitar looping & backing harmony vocals. 
Gene sings & plays drums, acoustic guitar and also provides perfect pitch harmony vocals. 



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